Why brochure popcorn fundraisers are so effective

Just about everyone loves popcorn, with some have a penchant for the buttery salty or savory variety, while others like it sweet, smothered in caramel or chocolate. For that reason popcorn fundraisers are one of the surest ways to raise the money needed.

Brochure popcorn fundraisers have many advantages and have helped countless schools and teams raise money for their very important needs.

Variety is the spice of life

Brochure popcorn comes in a far wider variety of flavors than any team can come up with at home and most companies offer at least 10 different ones. The bigger the variety the more orders can be guaranteed as everyone in the family has their own special favorite.

Many also provide packs with a mix of flavors for those that can’t make up their minds which one they want.

Promoting the popcorn sale

Brochure popcorn companies have the ability to help you promote the popcorn fundraiser much faster than door to door sales can. They help fundraisers to effectively utilize their existing email lists and contacts by promoting their effort online. This service is offered for free and helps fundraisers to:

  • Start a blog, in the event where there isn’t one, where everyone involved can receive articles and updates in their emails on a regular basis. That way parents, teaching staff and students will be able to keep a close watch on how fast the fundraiser is meeting its target.
  • Schedule posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. That is a powerful tool because the person responsible for social media may not have the time to update daily. Planning ahead with scheduled posts will ensure that people here about the efforts regularly.
  • By starting a You Tube channel more people can engage with the contents from wider afield can become aware of the fundraising efforts and express interest to help.

No cost involved

Since no one in the fundraising group has to actually physically go out and buy the popcorn, packaging materials, then prepare and package it, the capital outlay and effort that are required are zero.

The fundraising company is responsible for all that and no stocks need to be bought from them either. Once the brochures are filled in they are sent to the fundraising company who will fulfill the orders.

The fundraising effort only pays the company for the popcorn once they have collected the money for the orders, so no capital is needed to start the fundraising event.

What is the profit margin?

The profit margin will depend on the number of packets sold and will also depend from one fundraising company to another.

Advice on running a successful fundraiser

  • People will want to know exactly why money needs to be raised.
  • There should be a goal set and everyone involved must be able to explain it to potential buyers.
  • The fundraiser should not run for too long as it loses its appeal so a time limit should be set.
  • Choose a fundraising effort that is suited to the community and the amount of money needed to be raised.
  • Someone must be in charge of monitoring the campaign from beginning to end and will be the person who will have to communicate with the fundraising company.
  • Young children should be accompanied when they are taking the brochures around.
  • Prize programs definitely give sales a huge boost and those helping in the fundraiser should know what the prize will be for the most sales.
  • One fundraiser can only be run at the same time otherwise sales will be very poor for both.

Successful brochure popcorn events need good leadership and a responsible plan and they are guaranteed to be popular while also bringing in a decent amount for the fundraiser. In order to ensure that the fundraiser is fun and that the financial goals are met, the children will have to be prepared with a convincing sales pitch that explains the reasons why the fundraiser is necessary. Younger children will need proper supervision and guidance as they make the brochure sales. The incentive of a prize makes everyone even more driven to accomplish sales.

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