Take Advantage of the Best After School Programs Reading MA Offers

After school is a tough time for kids because they have been in school all day, and they don’t really want to sit down and do more work. Why not let your child have a break by taking part in the best after school programs Reading MA offers? We provide a wide variety of activities to help them learn important life skills as well as technical skills that will serve them well in the future. 

When children learn to code, they develop critical thinking skills, which are important not just for everyday life but also for their professional futures. This is true no matter what profession they enter or if they decide to become entrepreneurs. We provide children the opportunity to practice and develop these skills through coding, but they will be able to apply these skills to many areas of their lives. 

Our classes are based on age. Seven to nine year-old children develop critical problems solving and algorithm design skills as they create video games. These games have more than one level, and they animate their own characters, make music videos, build physics simulations, and do more project-based learning. They learn in a visual programming environment that is the perfect introduction to programming and its concepts. It also gets them ready for text-based coding. 

Those aged 9-12 write actual code, and they create games. They create code that controls their avatars. They learn about Python and then build websites in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and they then learn more advanced computer science fundamentals. 

For students 13 and older, we offer them the choice of Java, Python, Unity, or they can learn all they want about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. They master the basics of computer science, including variables, data manipulation, and more. 

We also offer game programming classes using Minecraft, Roblox, and Unity. Kids can create their very own mods and mini games and, at the same time, have a blast learning and enjoying coding. 

We offer more than just computer coding classes, though. Kids love robots, and we love to let our students use their imaginations to build and code robots that can do anything they imagine them to do. They learn about sensors and algorithms and even join tens of thousands of other robot-coding kids in a real challenge through the LEGO league championships.

If your kid is into electronics, they can join our electronics classes using Afduinos and Microbits, which are small computers that we use to relate the physical to the digital world. They help us blend electronics and coding in real-life projects that make learning both fields fun.

No matter which area of coding your kid is interested in, we are certain to have a great program for them. When you’re looking for the best after school programs Reading MA offers, get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

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