How do I organize my time to study for exams

Things to do when preparing for exams

The first thing that you must do before exams is to organize your time to study for them, as moving randomly from one subject to another may put you in a very big impasse and may lead to not being able to finish the course before the exam, and here are some tips for organizing the time for exams: [ 1]

Make sure that you know the date of your exams before the exam period, there is no greater dilemma than knowing about your exam hours before the due date.

Gather as much information as possible about the nature of the exam and the subject matter covered, so you will not waste your time studying things that will not interest you in the exam.

Arrange your exams according to their priority, and you can determine the priorities of your exams by knowing their order and academic achievement in each of them during the year and how difficult and easy it is to study each of them for you, as the ease and difficulty of studying the subjects varies from person to person, there are those who can memorize the materials very quickly while suffering In understanding-based materials and so on.

How to organize time for studying exams

The best way to organize your time to study after you have obtained the previous information is by making a schedule and following it, and to make this schedule you must make a schedule for your day in general and not only for study, the goal of this is that you can determine the time during which you will be able to study after allocating time for sleep, and school time , Or university if they are present during exams, and your work times if you study and work together and eat, and so on.

Divide the time allocated to study into parts about half an hour, and allocate each of these parts to achieve a specific goal of the study. For example, you can allocate half an hour to review the first semester of mathematics and the other half an hour to solve problems on this chapter, and it is important that you take breaks A little between every five-minute segment to get your activity back. [2]

Tips when studying for exams

Among the things to consider when studying exams are the following: [3]

Studying at exams cannot be effective at all if it is not studied during the semester on a daily basis, as studying for exams should be a review of what I understood previously and not a study from scratch.

You have to take care to get some rest, and arrange the difficult materials in times when your concentration levels are the highest possible, and these times vary from person to person, there are some who focus in the morning and others after exercising.

Arrange all of your papers and study modes so that you don’t waste time getting them from your friends or searching for them instead of studying.

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