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That’s why you should love to hold back at the beginning and blogging at a realistic pace. Then it will be easier to maintain this blog rhythm later.

Introduce rituals

It’s easier to do things if we do it regularly. Someone who wants to lose weight will be better off if he knows that it’s always sports on Monday night. If he released himself the day, he would probably be much less likely to get into sports. And so is the blogging. For example, schedule 2 evenings a week to write new blog posts for 1 hour. But before you think well, that in the next few months since nothing regularly intervenes. For example, the start of a new series that you really want to see.

Ideas ready

Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper or an empty blog post is very difficult. Therefore, it is important that you regularly collect blog ideas and when writing a new article already have the article idea and a few notes along with links.

Write continuation article

Not every item requires reinventing the wheel. Continuation articles or article series are often easier and thus faster to write, since one is familiar with the topic. So you could weekly, for example, introduce a WordPress plugin or publish the links of the week, as we do on self-employed in the network every Friday. But also article series, which have only a limited number of articles, are a good possibility.

Divide article

We love long articles, but sometimes it’s cleverer to split a very long article.

However, you should make sure that each part is still interesting for itself and it does not look as if you want to blow off Page Views.

For example, instead of presenting 30 very good WordPress plugins in one article, you could gradually write 3 articles with 10 plugins each.

Write several articles in one go

It takes me, and certainly with many others, always a little, until we am in the write flow. That’s why we often write not just one article, but two or three in a row. This saves time altogether.

This also helps to treat yourself as a blogger for free days, even if you unlock one of these articles every day.

Clear article structure

If you acquire a certain article structure, you usually manage to break up and write articles faster.

So you could roughly divide an article into these 3 parts:

  1. Introduction and statement
  2. Explain and justify the statement
  3. Summary

So you have a clear plan on how to write the article. In individual cases, one can also deviate from this structure if it makes sense.

Avoid distractions

Without distraction you are simply more effective. TV off, Twitter on and also close the feedreader. So it is much better, without being distracted every 5 minutes by a flashing message get to know about 

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